Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you accept custom digital file orders?
A: Custom orders for digital files are sometimes accepted, depending on my current workload. Please message me for current turnaround times. I provide proofs, but I require payment before I start sketching. Please know that I work hard to ensure that you're happy with what you receive from me. :)

NOTE: I am not a copy machine; I will not copy someone else's work. I can take ideas from something you like and come up with my own design, but I cannot - and will not - reproduce, or even closely reproduce someone else's work for profit. Thanks for understanding!

Q: Do you offer Commercial Licensing?
A: Commercial licensing is available! Please see the Commercial Licensing section on my website for details. If you purchase a design without commercial licensing, it remains personal use only, unless stated in the listing description. Please see individual listing descriptions for details on our Personal Use Policy, or read it here: <link>

Q: Why do you charge for commercial use when so many other SVG shops don’t?
A: A lot of designs do require a separate commercial use purchase (per design). This helps to keep the market competitive and allows you - the seller - a little bit of design exclusivity when selling products using my designs. It cuts down on the amount of people selling products using the same design - meaning when you purchase one of my designs with licensing, you’re less likely to have a competitor find it and buy the same thing to compete with you. If they find that they have to spend that extra money, chances are they will pick something else on my website to use instead. A personalized licensing document is sent to licensees, and it helps me keep track of where the art ends up so that we can make sure the people that purchase licensing maintain competitiveness.
I have recently been adding more designs with free commercial use, so stay tuned!

Q: Do you have any coupons?
A: Current coupon codes are always listed on my website homepage. Current coupons for use on Etsy as of 10/6/17: 5off20 for $5 off a $20 purchase, and 10off30 for $10 off a $30 purchase

Q: Do you offer any fonts?
A: I do! All my designs are drawn by hand, personally - by me. :) I don't use fonts when creating any of my designs. However, I love a great font. I began making hand lettered fonts, and you can find them in the "Fonts" Section, or on We sell our fonts under our sister brand; A Little Smidge.

Q: How can I contact you?
A: Please fill out our contact form for the quickest response, but be aware that I check messages once or twice a day, and rarely on weekends so I can spend time with my family. Thanks for understanding!

If you need to snail-mail something to us, please write:
The Smudge Factory™, LLC
P.O. Box 145
Palmyra, PA 17078